Muz Murray (Ramana Baba)

Unsolicited Tributes for Muz Murray's India Pilgrimage Tours

What past pilgrims have had to say...

"I am in India on a three-week pilgrimage, choreographed by Ramana Baba (Muz Murray). The first week is a settling in and a tuning in to the subtlety of the vibration of the mantra and this country. The satsangs shed the ignorant questions I have asked before but have to ask again because I am still in my ego roles -- as yoga teacher, teacher trainer, mother, wife, entertainer, organiser. I ask questions to fill the gaps, but don't hear the answers. I try listening and saying nothing next time. My questions are answered without asking and I hear more! I am not bored. I am absorbed in this Self-exploration."

- Jackie Le Brocq (full tribute available here)

“Travelling through India on a spiritual tour with Muz, was a wonderful experience, with so many wonderful memories. The most spiritual memory for me was on the Arunachala mountain and in Ramana Maharshi’s Cave, where we were all chanting and sweating: the atmosphere was something special! Now that I am home, I have a better understanding of myself and a spiritual strength, gained from not only the ashrams, but from the wonderful people in the group and also the Satsangs with Muz. I gained a lot from the Satsangs. An unforgettable tour!”

- Jessie Trueland (Scotland)

“Thankyou for being in India with us. It was great. Already I have withdrawal symptoms and long to return.”

- Gill Jennings (Leics)

“After India, everything seemed unreal and flowed off me so easily. I have felt so fulfilled inside and will treasure the experience always. I still feel the pull of Arunachala. The chanting in India with Muz was wonderful. Thankyou for all the Satsang there.”

- Gerri Roche (Ireland)

“What can I say, thankyou doesn’t seem adequate. It was all an amazing experience. Life won’t seem the same again—it probably won’t be. My tan is fading but my memories of an unforgettable month are still strong. My love and thanks.”

- Elaine Conway (Cirencester)

“Thanks for a wonderful trip to India. Frankly the whole experience was so special for me that I can’t really put it into words. I have heard from some of the others and I think all of us are suffering from withdrawal symptoms.”

- Anne O’Brien (Dublin)

“I’m very grateful that I could take this miraculous trip with Muz to India! He took us from beaches to jungles, from luxuriously decadent hotels to simple ashram accommodation. I enjoyed it all and the contrasts of this noisy, smelly country, so saturated with spiritual energy kept me wondering all the way. More than that, it was a trip never to forget on the inner levels. It was life-changing in understanding and the practising of spiritual teachings in everyday life (especially in the bus!) It was for me a real journey of the heart, constantly guided by Muz’s loving presence. A big thankyou!”

- Josine Zon (Holland)

“I was on tour in India with Muz. It was a mighty tour! Every day brought a new experience. My favourite place visited was the ashram of Kumarswamiji at Dharwad. This trip in India is still with me long after returning home.”

- Christy Lynch (Dublin)

“The experience of India with Muz was amazing. Anyone feeling apprehensive of taking the plunge can be reassured. Muz is an excellent guide and teacher. I felt very safe the whole trip. India is a magical place, with such incredible contrasts. I would advise anyone—do it! if you can.”

- Christine Osborne (Wales)

“Thankyou so much for the wonderful journey in India. I felt such a novice at the mantra, but I’ve brought back so much of it in my heart, that my life has taken on a new meaning. My life is definitely the richer for it. I find that I can relate to everyone and everything in a much more positive way. It’s great!”

- Maggie Hall (Liverpool)

“Thank you for a great trip with a variety of wonderful experiences - both inside and out. Since coming back there has still been “no mind”as the process of absorption has continued.”

- Liz Williams (Northampton)

“I know it will take me a few months to absorb all that I learnt and experienced in India, but already, upon reflection, it was the trip of a lifetime, and I feel so privileged that I was able to make it. It has been such an amazing experience in every way, life changing, magical, and wonderful spending so much heart time with you Muz. I feel that you are always with me. Thank you for all your love, wisdom and support. I felt safe all the time in India. I am amazed at how much better I feel on all levels, than before I went to India.”

- Shirley Robson (Preston)

"I am so glad to have been part of the trip. I have learnt so much about myself and the interaction with others in the group was heart-warming. The whole experience was a big learning curve for me. The memory of the visit to the remote village near Anaikatti–Coimbatore is something that will remain with me forever."

- Barbara Parkinson (Wickham Bishops, UK.)

"I thoroughly enjoyed travelling with you and having the benefit of so many Satsangs. Sharing ideas and experiencing the group energy was the most important part for me. A wonderful experience and one I will repeat if the opportunity arises. Many thanks for the opportunity to spend three and a half weeks in your company."

- May Crombie (Callander, Scotland)

“Please accept my belated thanks for the wonderful trip you organised to India and the remarkable time the group spent there together. I also want to convey my appreciation of you. I was confident that the trip would prove to be the experience of a lifetime, and that my desire to experience India with you has been justified. I am told it will take two, three or even four years for the out-workings of the Pilgrimage to reveal itself in my life. This I can well believe. Thank you for making it all possible.”

- Josephine Ormerod (Preston)

“The tour had been thoroughly researched and the travel arrangements meticulous, especially with regard to our airline flights. On the way out there were problems at every stage of the journey, but watching Muz deal with them with patience, persistence and good humour, was as instructive as any yoga therapy course. During the tour we soon established a pattern of Satsang with Muz in the evenings, usually with some chanting, and discussing the experiences of the day, so that even the ‘bad’ things were good. And the experience of these evenings themselves made it all the more worthwhile. A travel highlight was the beautiful Backwater riverboat trip. This tour was really life-changing for me.”

- Richard Comley (London)

“Thanks again for such a wonderful experience. Muz— it’s had a tremendous impact on me — I thought it would be extremely difficult to resume normal life but instead I find myself feeling happy and at peace in all I do. I have just finished reading ‘Ramana Maharshi and the Path of Self Knowledge’ by Arthur Osborne, which mentions the happiness people felt when sitting with him, and how questions would just melt away — this is what I mostly experienced during your Satsangs —although I would often seek your views because the experience of being in loving and compassionate company where all questions are taken seriously and answered with consideration is very affirming. Perhaps the greatest change is that I no longer yearn for a different life — full acceptance that I am where I should be and what is meant to be will happen in its own time — it certainly takes the pressure off!”

- Jayne Morrisey (Ashton. Lancs)

“Just a quick email to say thank you for sharing the Truth with me, and for the Grace and Wisdom that shines through you. Since my return home I have a detachment and peace that’s indescribably wonderful. My mind is mostly still. I am no longer a slave to its ramblings, so subsequently am experiencing such calm. God! I never imagined Life could be so exquisite.”

- Mirabai Huntley (Wareham, Dorset)

“I just want to tell you how good the trip was for me and how I learned so much from the wonderful Satsangs we had with you. It was really great. I also feel a huge shift has taken place in my consciousness! Yeah! So Muz, once again from my heart, thank you for the teachings and for being who you are.”

- Evelyn Rock (Ireland)

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