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The Seeker's India Tour 2012



2009 group

15th January - 5th February 2012

Ashram Pilgrimage Tour to India

lead by Muz Murray

Deeply Discover Your-Self and India with Muz Murray (Ramana Baba) during 3 wonderful weeks of Mantrical Mystery Tour and ASHRAM PILGRIMAGE in southern India.

Are you ready for the magical transformative journey of a lifetime? Following many highly successful retreats in the last ten years, Muz is once more making a travelling SEEKERS INDIA tour for three weeks in January/February 2012missing the worst of the winter in the sun-drenched south of India!

Take the opportunity NOW, as these trips will not always be available.

A 5 minute slide show of the 2010 Pilgrimage is available in Windows Media Player format.  The background chant of Arunachala Shiva was recorded in 2009 by the Seeker's India group  in Bhagavan's Virupaksha Cave (by special permission).

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The flexible itinerary may include four days acclimatising to India at a secluded and attractive Ashram by the sea, south of Chennai (Madras), with the usual daily chanting and Satsang sessions with Muz Murray (known as Ramana Baba in India). Journeys by private coach (or train) may include temple towns, or a cross-country trip to Arsha Vidya Gurukula, an Advaita Vedanta Ashram near Coimbatore, headed by the sage Swami Dayananda, in the peace of the surrounding hilly wild-elephant country. Perhaps a serene boat trip on the Backwater lagoons of Kerala, or a visit to and ashram at the birthplace of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.

Mantra training in India

The tour will also include a week at Tiruvannamalai, home of the late Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Here we will stay in sight of the holy mountain, Arunachala, visiting Bhagavan’s previous abode at Skandashram and chanting in his powerfully atmospheric cave. And also daily chanting in the Samadhi Temple Hall of Ramanashramam, where we have permission to hold our own chanting sessions in that sacred space.

The travel itself will be part of the adventure and a time for learning, chanting and inner observation. Although my aim is to make the trip as hassle-free as possible for us all, nothing ever goes as smoothly as we expect in India! So our party of flexible and intrepid travellers can be ready for some minor discomforts here and there. But this is, after all, to be an inner journey of the heart. We are not going as tourists but as spiritual travellers on pilgrimage.

Please Note: our itinerary may of necessity change according to availability of accommodation or changing circumstances at projected destinations. Therefore it is not the destination that matters, whether it is in simple rustic ashrams or well-appointed hotels, but how we take the inner and outer journey that counts.

group photo with Ganesh

Tour Cost: TBA (Airfare extra; around £450 at present) All Teachings, Travels, Hotel and Ashram Accommodation in India are included in the price, as well as all meals at the Ashrams. Meals on the road are not included, but the cost is negligible, costing from 25p per meal up to three pounds (if you really want to be extravagant)!

Please Note: Ideally, to be eligible for the pilgrimage you should have been to a Muz Murray workshop. Those who have not done so should seek advice by using the booking contact details below. Those attending a workshop on this year’s 2009 UK Summer Tour will be eligible.

If you are really interested—do not wait!! There are only 16 places available. The first to forward a £295 advance payment will secure themselves a place. (Please include your postal address, phone number, and email address so that we can inform you if you are on the tour or not. Late-coming payments will be returned once the tour is fully booked).

N.B. The airfare is extra and you will need to book your own flights.


A Seeker's India Tour TRAVEL GUIDELINES FAQ is available.

A Seeker's India Tour LUGGAGE CHECKLIST is available.

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